<![CDATA[Every Atom is Already Perfectly Functioning in Nature! - Multidimensional Therapist Referral]]>Sun, 02 Jun 2024 02:38:24 -0400Weebly<![CDATA[Introducing: Shaman J]]>Tue, 16 Aug 2022 19:28:06 GMThttp://u-dont-exist.com/shamanj/introducing-shaman-jThe first step I recommend for emotional healing is always Metta (loving kindness) meditation. That's what cured my chronic depression when nothing else would work many years ago, and that is what my friend Oliver has found most helpful for his cPTSD, despite trying many other therapies. Oliver used these videos from Ajahn Sona to guide his metta meditations. 

Peter Levine's instructions on Healing Trauma with somatic release are also key.

In general I do not think people should outsource their own power to someone else, but in extreme cases it may be indicated. In those cases, you want to find someone who is 100% legit.

I am very happy to be able to finally recommend someone that I think can be really helpful for anyone struggling with very deep emotional problems that they have had no luck working with. I am not getting paid to recommend them.

Based on talking to J's clients (some of whom are my friends), and based on knowing J somewhat for a few years, I can say I am pretty sure this will be worthwhile. His partner also works with him, as a next level of help after you establish the groundwork with J.

The word shaman is thrown around loosely, so I personally prefer to call them "multidimensional therapists" rather than shamans, but it is up to you. What they do is not just some talk therapy but it is more like a Vulcan mindmeld, where they go deep into your emotional basement and throw out the junk with you.

This is an in-person experience, so you'd have to pay Shaman J to come and visit you or else come to them (but still it is a paid service, they have kids to feed). It is a one-time thing, not like you need to have sessions all the time as with a regular therapist.

You can e-mail Shaman J at ShamanJ@proton.me (no, he's not me, even though both of us have the same first initial). Ideally you would send from a free protonmail.com account so that the emails will be end-to-end encrypted.

Ask him to send you the video testimonials he is gathering. Soon he will post a bunch of them publicly at my urging, as he has been keeping to just direct word of mouth for a while.

Oh and he also does sessions for Olympic athletes who are looking to find what part of their body needs to be focused on to optimize their entire performance.

Physical illnesses could also be helped since many of them have emotional components.

Who can J & his partner not help? If you are not 100% serious about getting better, then do not contact J. If you are just playing games still, you are not ready.

Also, keep in mind that once you gain a peaceful happy state of mind after this session, you should strive to maintain that state, not to disrupt it. A friend of mine made the mistake of tripping on LSD & cannabis a week after his session and it reversed some of the gains he made with Shaman J, though only for a week or so. ]]>