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And he also has a good dating service commercial: 
<![CDATA[Dumbest drugs we did this decade (VICE)]]>Mon, 06 Jan 2020 04:16:08 GMThttp://u-dont-exist.com/laugh-at-your-mind/dumbest-drugs-we-did-this-decade-viceAs usual, VICE offers some giggles.
Here're my favorite excerpts from their "dumbest drugs" guide.

$1 Crazy Stallion Can (Several)
“Convinced someone to break my friend's coffee table thinking he wouldn't (he did), so hid it under the couch to avoid confrontation. Also made out with someone (not knowing he was in an open relationship) so tried to get his gf to make out with me to ‘even it out’ (succeeded). Sometime later, was squirming away from the guy that broke the table and hit my chin on his head, splitting it open and bleeding everywhere just as everyone was leaving, [and] the hosts (my ex and new gf/now wife) were going to the airport.”

Table Salt
More misguided salt action: “I was bored at a debate tournament and was dared to snort table salt for $20, which led to a severe nosebleed and headache. I also never got paid.”

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This music video is a bit "hard to swallow, like belladonna" as the lyric goes. Kind of crass. Just the way we like it. Thanks, JoAnna!